Thanks for dropping by!

This is just a simple website for me to introduce myself, and so you can take a look at some of my work.

My philosophy in writing – as with art – is that the touch of a talented human infuses the work with an intangible, magnetic quality.  I also believe that when I’m writing on someone else’s behalf, it works best when there exists a synergy, in which we come together on a message that resonates.

I’ve gone on a deep, almost spiritual quest through the scientific fields of linguistics and the ancient poetry of Old English to hone my writing.  In the first place I love language, so – for me at least – it was a lot of fun!  And in the second, the history of words helps me find a fascinating and nuanced level of meaning.

So, if you like the sound of magnetic, artistic, and nuanced writing, check out some of my samples.  Or you can hit me up at dmkoffer at gmail dot com – I’d love to hear from you.


So, a little about me…

When I was about two years old, I spent a lot of time with my great-grandmother.  And she, being a former teacher, spent a lot of time reading to me.  I must have shown an interest, because between her help and my… whatever, I was reading at about two years old.

That kindled in me a love of words and language.  Not just reading – I love to read! – but also of writing, finding creative and interesting and effective ways to say things.  And also of playing with words (which my sons appreciate, and my wife less so).

Some of the other things I do, which have an influence on my writing.

I have ten years of experience in second-tier computer technical support.  Some of that was for Dell Computers, some of that was in a small business.  I’ve been fiddling with computers since I was about eight, writing BASIC programs on a Commodore VIC 20, installing test operating systems in college, and convincing computers to talk to printers over networks as recently as last month.

Academically, I have a couple of years’ experience in hard sciences, including physics, biology, and chemistry.  I studied linguistics, a bit of cognitive theory in the context of trauma and narrative, and I wrote my master’s thesis on video games as narrative.  I am licensed as a public water systems operator, which involves a fair amount of analyzing and interpreting lab reports (and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies).

I’m also someone who does a lot of stuff by hand.  I bake my own bread, cakes, pizza, and alfredo sauce from scratch.  (I guarantee they taste better.)  I have a wood shop that I use for making wooden knives and other little objects.  I’ve forged steel knives before, and will be picking that up soon.  I also do martial arts, and have been for a long time.

So – I hope that wasn’t an overshare!  Sometimes I think it helps to understand the context a writer brings to his craft.  You might read this page to mean, sometimes a piece of writing is like bread dough, and it has to rest a while between crafting and revising.  Sometimes a really old word, heavy with meaning, can lend its weight to enrich a paragraph.  Words, sentences, and paragraphs can be like chemical compounds, to be taken apart and analyzed, or put together to form writing with new and unique properties.  And sometimes, writing as communication means interacting with other people – cooperating to learn new things, or as adversaries striving against one another.

Want to chat, or to hire me?  Hit me up at dmkoffer at gmail dot com.  I’d love to hear from you, whether you just want to chat or you have a writing project I can help with.